Use of Seed Tree Selection Criteria and Tree Measurements for Rapid Mother Tree Appraisal in Bohol

  • Tomas Reyes


The study was conducted at BISU - Forest Research Academic Area from
January to February 2073 primarily to simplify a set of criteria in identifying potential
mother trees of phenotypic characteristics for rapid seed tree appraisal in Bohol. Specifically,
it identified and located germplasm (seed and seedling) sources particularly at BISU
ForestAcademic ResearchArea and assessed the relationships among the DENR standard
selection criteria and the biometrics of potential mother trees. The data were atalyzed
usingmultiplecorrelations. Thefieldsurveywasabletoidentiffatotalof299individuals
be ionging to 43 species, 29 genera and22 families. The most corlmon potential mother
trees included white la.uan(shorea contorta),palosapis (,4nisoptera thurifera),malaikmo
(Celtis philippinensis), gubas (Endospemum peltatum), and white nato (Pouteria
macrantha). In general, most of the potential mother trees recorded had DBH, MH and
TH measurements of more than 28 cm, 6 m and 9 m, respectively. The seven DENR
standard seed tree selection criteria were found to be independent with each other and
had no favorable linear relationship with the bio-measurements (DBH, TH, and MH).


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