Special Language Tutorial Program in Literacy Training Service of Bohol Island State University

  • Anacleta K Perez


Abstract - Literacy is instrumental for individual development and success. It is a means to realize one's potential and a tool to cope with life activities in a modern society. This study claimed to find out the effectiveness of special language tutorial program in literacy training service under the National Service Training Program (NSTP) of Bohol Island State University to grade I pupils of some selected elementary schools in Tagbilaran City during the school year 20ll-2012. An experimental design, specifically one-group pre-test post-test design was employed. The respondents were 72 pre –identified Grade I pupils. The study utilized selfmade instructional materials based from Philippine Elementary Learning Competencies (PElC) of Dep Ed, and learning materials available in the school. Self-made questionnaire was also used to determine the acceptability level the tutorial program. The study revealed that pupils had increased in their class performance as seen in their pre-test and post test results which were described as good to very good with a corresponding rating of 50% to 77%. The average increase of 23% is a considerable achievement for 2-3 contact hrs per week. The acceptability level was very satisfactory as perceived by the teachers, parents and LTS student remedial teachers. It is concluded that the special tutorial program is very satisfactorily effective in enhancing the class performance of the grade I pupils through the self-made instructional materials that suited to needs and learning skills of grade I pupils. The students tutorial satisfactorily perform the teacing task though they were yet first Teacher Education students.


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