Growth of Mud Crab (Scylla seruata) Fed with Supplemental Feeds

  • Maria Danesa S. Rabia
  • Virgilia Tejada
  • Eva Janet Bitol
  • Guillermo P Tutor
  • Evaristo Tutor
  • Gesila Grace J Prieto
  • Daisy Genosa
  • Ivy Mae Moquiala
  • Lorena Jumawan
  • Grilly Persigas
  • Rachel Baclay
  • Huberto Origenes


Scylla serrata is the common mud crab occurring in the estuarine and mangrove areas and is commonly called as "red crab" that prefers to live in low saline waters. This study aimed to assess the growth and survival of mud crab (S. serrata) cultured in a brackish water fed with supplemental feeds. The experiment was laid out in a two factor experiment, sex of mud crab and the kind of feeds. Majority of the male mud crabs supplemented with trash fish and those females fed with grated coconut survived on the second week. Of the three supplemental feeds used, male mud crabs gained the highest growth on bread meal while female mud crabs performed better in grated coconut. There is a significant difference on the performance of mud crabs on the use of supplemental feeds and sexes on their weight and length.


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